About me and this site

Welcome to Stronia. My name is Anshuman Dwibhashi and I'm the creator of this website. Well, I started this website about 2 years ago, but why I started it dates to about 4 years ago. This website was initially started as an online interface for a search engine that I was working on, that could not only search, but answer your questions in natural language. Google then launched knowledge graph and my next big move requires a lot of time and resources so I'm keeping it on the table till I get into college.

What do I do?

Well, I'm 15 years old, so obviously I don't work! But there's a lot of interesting things I do. I'm from Bangalore, India. After I moved here I got really interested in computer science. I do a lot of research on Artificial Intelligence, especially Natural Language Processing. In the recent days I also started making some apps to change the world in small ways using the power of mobile. I got into computers because I always wondered how websites are made, so it might be obvious to you that the first thing that I learnt in Computers was Web Development. After that I really got into programming, artificial intelligence, app develpoment etc.

What's in my future?

Firstly I intend to study at MIT, because I need a great atmosphere to continue working on the initial search engine idea that I had. But more broadly speaking, I intend to change the world using Stronia. We'll start out as a search engine, but I've got a lot more revolutionary ideas that will change the world for ever.